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What is a concrete colorant color card

日期:2018-08-08 人气:341

Concrete colorant color card
Coloring is a good method to add color to indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. However, they are usually used in indoor concrete floors as a method to impart rich colors. Can produce organic appearance with rich wrapping pulp and warm color effect. The most famous color is the color of earth tone, but the range of color has begun to expand in recent years.
Acid colorant:
Acidic colorants penetrate concrete floors and other surfaces to provide natural color changes. Many owners are attracted by the transparent and mottled surface endowed by colorants. The color range of acid coloring is usually limited, such as brown, brown, brown soil color and soft blue and green.
Waterborne colorants:
Relatively speaking, water-based colorants have a wider range of colors, including black, white, and even bright yellow or orange. It is also possible to achieve a more unique color effect than acid colorants. The introduction of new coloring technology enables people to achieve more unique colors and finishes.
Since acid colorants and water-based colorants produce a unique color on each colored surface, make a template and test the color you choose before applying it to the entire floor or terrace. Apply a small amount of colorant to an inconspicuous place, thus confirming the correctness of color selection.


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